May 22/23, 2021, worldwide

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Hiking Challenge

Let’s hike around the world together on one weekend! Everyone on his own yet united in one big challenge. One year into the pandemic let’s show everyone that we won’t give up. One world - united against covid!

Let’s do this!

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Updates start on 22.05.2021

The Challenge

40,070 kilometres together around the word!

One world one challenge. Let’s hike around the world together on one weekend. Let’s set an example and show everyone that we won’t give in to this pandemic.

Everyone hikes alone or in a small group. Everything has to be in compliance with your local covid measures. It doesn’t matter if you contribute one kilometre or 150. Let’s show everyone that we can show up and do incredible things no matter the circumstances!

Also we’ll plant a tree for each participant! Covid is no match for us. Global warming, you’re next!

Who we are

Mammutmarsch: extreme hiking challenges since 2007.

In non-covid times the Mammutmarsch gang organizes extreme hiking events. Participants have to cover distances between 30 and 100 kilometres without sleep.

Our mission is to show each and every participant that we can achieve much more that we think we can. We might feel pain, frustration, exhaustion and anger. But we can always do one more step.

Ranking - Last one Standing

Here you’ll find the individual results of all participants who want to appear in the ranking
(first updates on May 22nd)

  1. 1. Nikola D.
    240 KM
  2. 2. Marco B.
    200 KM
  3. 3. Fred P.
    200 KM
  4. 4. Andy S.
    181 KM
  5. 5. Michael P.
    175 KM
  6. 6. Manuel M.
    170 KM
  7. 7. Florian Z.
    160 KM
  8. 8. Sascha D.
    153 KM
  9. 9. Saverio Pio A.
    153 KM
  10. 10. Jure V.
    151 KM

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A global pandemic? Climate change? The biggest challenges of our time can only be defeated if we all fight together!
This is why we invite the entire world to participate in this challenge. These countries have already joined the gang.


Covid sucks but let’s not forget about global warming.

Global warming might be the most pressing issue of our time. For that reason we want to make sure that our challenges contributes to solving which might be the biggest challenge of our generation.

We’ll plant one tree for every single person who signs up and takes part in the ATW-Challenge.
LIVE TICKER ...Trees have been planted so far

How does it work?

The “Around the World” challenge is a location-independent hiking event. Our goal is to unite the world and collect 40,070 kilometres in order to hike once around the world. We’ll make sure the challenge feels like a real event with loads of content and interaction. Let’s kick that ugly virus in its spikey little butt!

  • Finisher package with medal and other goodies

    We want you to have a medal and some other goodies to
    show off what you accomplished! Just be patient with us,
    please. The packages are shipped internationally. They
    may take weeks and reach you way after the event. But
    it will come!

  • Live start and loads of interaction during the event

    We can’t gather in one place but we’ll make it feel like we’re
    right where you start your challenge. And we’ll be there all
    along the way! Videos, groups, chat and content! Join the Mammutmarsch Gang! 

  • Last One Standing - individual competition

    Do you think you can hike further than anyone else on
    this planet? We’ll show the world with our Last One
    Standing ranking. And if you’re not quite that ambitious
    you can still see your rank if you want (voluntarily).

  • Follow the live ticker (kilometres, percent and trees!)

    We’ll hike around the world to set an example! Come back
    to this page and you can follow our progress in real-time!
    In our tree tracker you can also check how many trees we
    have planted so far.

  • Hike with friends all around the world

    Whether your friends live in Australia, France or Japan, this is your unique chance to hike together. The entire world united in one challenge. 

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