#9 Marina Pastrana Ríos – The transforming power of martial arts – Blockhaus Sessions – Der Mammutmarsch Podcast

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When Marina Pastrana Rios wanted to launch a project back at university she knew that in order to make it work she needed two things: discipline and a strong will. So she decided to quit her usual life and move to a Buddhist monastery where she trained Sim Gum Do martial arts, became a black belt in sword fight, a brown belt in karate while successfully launching her project. In this episode she is sharing with us how training martial arts and strengthening her mind helped her to succeed. 

Sim Gum Do – The Mind Sword Path 
The way of clear mind, clear thinking and clear action 

Download the episode here:  MP3-Download

In this podcast Marina is talking about: 
– Sim Gum Do – the mind sword path {02:00}
– Why training one discipline at a time makes sense {05:30}
– How she decided to quit her life and move into a buddhist monastery {10:54}
– Sword fighting, active meditation and the training of the mind {22:47}
– Mindfulness and being present in every single moment {27:50}
– Think one step at a time and don’t worry about the future or past {30:57}
– Mental fortitude and how experiencing pain and challenging periods can be    
  extremely rewarding {40:08}
– About the fact the routine actually gives freedom {44:33}
– How detachment from both failure and success helps you move forward {51:39}


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